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Learn about the 7 DisCO Principles and Values

The 7 DisCO Principles are the backbone of the DisCOVerse and shared across all DisCOs. The Values are more flexibles and can be adapted as needed.

Click here for the DisCO Values.


DisCO adds seven additional principles to the original cooperative seven to reunite cooperativism with its commons origins and better prepare it for technological futures.

Values-Based Design

Nurturing social and environmental production

Whole-Community Governance

Extending decision making and ownership

Active Creators of Commons

Creating new physical and digital commons

Rethinking Global/Local Economics

Make locally and share knowledge globally

Carework is the Core

Care makes DisCOs healthy and happy

Origins and Flows of Value

Making Livelihood, Love and Carework visible

Primed for Federation

Creating non-regimented critical mass


While the 7 Principles are like verbs, actions common to all DisCOs,the DisCO Values are more like adjectives, descriptions particular to each group.

Culture & Structure

Balancing between tacit and explicit knowledge

Inclusive & Educational

Accessibility, pedagogy and mentoring

Flexible & Grounded

Emergent development and lived experience

Multilayered & Holonic

Value sovereignty and Inter-DisCO solidarity

Modular & Copyable

Complementing other alternative economies

DLT-friendly & Relational

Consent based technologies & Value Flows

Online/offline? Onlife!

Encountering and maximizing trust in networks

Copyfair Licensed

Economic resilience through shared assets

Viable & Ethical

Care-based economic counterpower

Politically Alive

Anti-capitalist, feminist & decolonial

Fun or Bust!

Humour, joyfulness and wellbeing

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